Here is an outline of our curriculum plans for terms 5 and 6.  Please click here

This term as a class we are covering the book ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H G Wells for our topic on Science Fiction. We are researching about how the author built up a fantastic image of the extra-terrestrials by using interesting words and writing complex sentences.

In our literacy lessons we write a detailed description of what comes out of the alien’s craft. Martians arrive in London, quickly taking control of the city. These Martians are hideous and want to take over the world.                                       

We base the curriculum around this theme and investigate the history behind how the author got his ideas in writing this book, incorporating ICT, PSHE, Science and Maths.

The children start by listening to the book asking and answering questions and making predictions. They look at the author’s use of powerful language to capture our imaginations, including similes. They revise their knowledge of speech marks, composing a conversation, and focus on the characters in the book. Our writing tasks will include creating their own imaginary creature, thinking of similes and powerful noun phrases to describe it, and write a story about what happens when it encounters humans.

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