Dear Parents and Carers

On Monday the government announced that all children in all schools will return to full time attendance from Monday 8 March. This does not apply to children who have shielding letters as they are not expected to return until their isolation period ends. I also know that there are many of you who are wary of sending your children back at this moment in time. Some of you are awaiting vaccinations and others are waiting for the rates of infection to fall even further. I fully understand your caution and concern. We can plan phased returns for your children over a period of time that you feel is safe.

Home-learning will continue to be in place for these pupils and for any pupils that need to self-isolate due to positive tests.

Many of our staff have had their first dose of the vaccination now and they will continue to test themselves twice a week. The government guidelines are for our testing regime to change from a school based one to a home-based one. We are awaiting further guidance about how this affects the testing of secondary aged pupils but in all likelihood that too will switch to a home testing programme - administered or supervised by yourselves. We have been supplied with the test kits and so we will be able to provide them to you.

I hope that we will see therapists working face-to-face again in school.

As the weather improves we will also be able to start up more off-site trips to outdoor places.

The school's COVID-19 risk assessment we updated at the beginning of the year will remain in place. Children will still keep to their  ‘bubbles’. This will reduce the impact of any positive cases that may yet still happen.

There will be more staff wearing face coverings in the classrooms where this does not interfere with your children’s learning and safety. If you want your child to wear a face covering then they can. 

We will continue to remain vigilant for the signs of COVID-19 in the school and the test, trace and isolate systems will still be in place. We will also be following good hand hygiene, hand sanitising  and will keep the classrooms well ventilated.

Can I thank you again for all your support during this pandemic. 

I hope, like I am sure you do too, that 8 March is the start of a gradual return to normal schooling.

Best wishes