Dear Parents and Carers

We are looking forward to the full re-opening of the school next Monday. In preparation we have updated our Risk Assessment to reflect the latest government guidance and it is available for you to look at on this website. We will still be keeping to our class 'bubbles' and limiting mixing. There will be the same hygiene measures in place with plenty of ventilation as well as hand cleaning. Face coverings will be worn around the school and may be worn in the classrooms as well. We are expecting therapists to be back working with individual children but we will keep to virtual lessons for our specialist teachers. Lunch will be eaten in the classrooms. 

We will continue to check temperatures and remain vigilant for the signs of COVID-19 infections. As before if your child shows symptoms of COVID-19 they will need to get a test and if that is positive self-isolate for 10 days. All of the pupils and staff in the 'bubble' of a positive test would also need to self-isolate. Staff will have two lateral flow tests each week and many of them have had their first doses of the vaccine. If you want your child (secondary age) to take part in the home testing programme the kits will be sent home with them. These test kits contains 7 tests. If you have any questions or need more tests please contact Sandra Matthews at school on 01227 464316 or email There is a social story about the home testing process and that can be found on the St Nicholas website also. 

When school re-opens on Monday we will be again operating on the timings we had in place for September through to December last year. School will open for pupils arriving on home-school transport at 8.45 am and then parents and carers who bring their children can arrive at 9 am. This is to reduce the congestion at the front of the school. At the end of the day the home -school transport will start leaving at 2.45 pm and parents and carers collect at 3 pm. 

Thank you for your on-going support and co-operation.

Best wishes