The school is always looking for effective ways to correspond with parents and carers. 

Below are the some of the ways we can communicate with you:

St Nicholas School Website -

Go to News and Events and click on Calendar.

Individual school events will be posted here. You can subscribe to your child’s class events and all school events.


Go to your child’s class page and at the bottom will be a collection of class trip letters.

Class trip letters will also be uploaded to your PAY360 account. This is the place to pay for your trips out.
Below are details of how to access your account and FAQ.


Others ways to access information:

St Nicholas School app:

Download the Schudio School App and select St Nicholas School
If you enable notifications on this app you will receive instant messages

You will receive text messages straight from the school. These target specific groups of parents.
St Nicholas School Canterbury
St Nicholas School Canterbury@SchoolNicholas