Here is an outline of our curriculum plans for terms 1 and 2.  Please click here

Here is an outline of our curriculum plans for terms 3 and 4.  Please click here



Welcome to the Chartham Primary Satellite Page.

This is the home page for the Penguin and Polar Bear classes.

The vision for the Key Stage 2 Satellite classes based at Chartham Primary have a focus on inclusive learning and experiences. We would envisage that each child in both satellite classes would be accessing at least one inclusion lesson based in their own year group at Chartham Primary School.  We would also expect that that the children are involved in school assemblies, dinner time routines, playtimes, sports days, religious services, school plays and any extra-curricular activities. This would support each child with having a greater awareness of a wider community outside of St Nicholas School. At St Nicholas school the children would be accessing specialist teaching such as swimming lessons and would also get to socialise with their peers on site. 



There are currently 16 children in our satellite provision! We are a hard working, thoughtful, caring, funny, lively, kind group of individuals with varying needs. We are enjoying the opportunities, experiences and challenges that being based in a main stream school brings. 


Polar express NEWS!

In Term 5 & 6 we have been learning about weather! We have been looking at different types of weather, how it is formed and the effect it has on our planet. We have studied the water cycle and created a water cycle in a bag, measured rain fall and have used a rain gauge, created beautiful pieces of art work using different methods such as collage, paint and pencil.   We have used weather in our drama and have acted different weathers to our friends we have also created music thinking about storms and the sounds that it makes. 

We have our inclusion lessons up and running and the children are making new friends and getting a chance to learn in a different environment. They also love sharing things that they have learnt with their friends back in Penguin and Polar Bear. Below are some pictures of our sessions.

In PE we have played rounders in term 5 and enjoyed working in a team thinking about rules such as turn taking and sharing. We also learnt some skills of throwing a ball, hitting a ball with a bat, passing a ball to a friend and running around the cones. In term 6 Ninja Warrior UK (gymnastics) has returned! We will be recapping on how we travel using different parts of our body, balancing, jumping and copying movements. 

Please enjoy some of the pictures that we have below of inclusion, pe, lessons, horseriding and workshops that we have participated in. 




In term 4 Penguins and Polar Bears are continuing their work with Electricity. We have been building circuits and looking at different objects; toys, household appliances that use electric circuits. We have also looked carefully at how we need to be safe around electricity. This term we will be designing and building our very own robots that we will build an electric circuit for. We want to make our robots glow! We are very excited about this! 

In PE we are doing yoga and following exciting stories. We will be practising balancing and moving using different parts of our body. 

Our inclusion lessons start this term. Some of our inclusion lessons will be forest schools, geography, art, science and music.

This year we had our first ever contestant to Chartham's Got Talent, Shane. Shane got through to the semi finals and we will see whether he makes the finals later this term. We are all very proud of him as he had to sing in front of 300 children.



We had a wonderful class trip to the magical Reindeer Centre in Bethersden. The children got to play in the hay ball pit, bounce in the bouncy castle, stroke real reindeer, feed the donkeys, goats and llamas, play in the pirate boat, throw snow balls in the snowball pit, see small reptiles and meerkats and finally meet Father Christmas in his grotto! 



This term we have had the opportunity to join in with some fun events at Chartham School. We participated in the Chartham Chase and performed at the Harvest Festival Service. See our pictures below.



We have been getting to know our new Penguin and Polar bear friends this term. We have built some lovely friendships, shared in imaginative play, talked about our favourite things and have done lots of laughing together!

Here are some pictures of the Penguins and Polar Bears in their first term at Chartham!















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