St. Nicholas School is a MOVE Centre of Excellence for Kent and manages the MOVE in Kent & Medway Network. The MOVE Partnership teaches children with significant motor disabilities the skills of Sitting, Standing, Walking and Transferring. The MOVE Programme promotes a) the learning, maintenance and generalisation of mobility skills, b) person and family-centred choices, c) personal independence & inclusion, and d) trans-disciplinary team working.

The school’s additional programmes of Active Education and Shared Goals all arose out of the MOVE principles and are linked to the programme.

St. Nicholas School has 45 active practitioners skilled in the implementation of the MOVE programme, 4 MOVE Trainers and a MOVE Consultant, Stephen King (Deputy Head) who is the MOVE lead practitioner for Kent. The school has a MOVE policy, Action plan and a MOVE Governor, Karen AlKhina. MOVE is central to the provision for pupils with physical disabilities. Any person who could benefit from the MOVE programme is assessed and started on the MOVE Programme.

Pupils are helped to set their own (3) goals around their holistic physical skills– one that is short term (for what they would like to do now), one that is medium term (for what would make the family’s life easier) and one that is long term (what would we all hope the young person could do for their future).

St. Nicholas School regularly hosts MOVE training – Awareness  for parents or professionals, MOVE Practitioner courses or MOVE Advanced Practitioner courses. Please keep an eye open on the news and events section of the website for information of the up-coming MOVE courses.

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